The Faculty of Health Care is a young, modern and ambitious school offering higher education in nursing, with health care management studies to be joining the list of our study programs soon. Our education and research activities go back to 2007. In a few years, we have managed to reach the very top in the field with our pedagogical and educational approaches, and by placing emphasis on research and development. We are proud to be in the vanguard of research and development in nursing. The study programs being offered at the moment include the first cycle professional  higher education study program Nursing (Diploma/3yrs) and the second cycle  (Master’s Degree/2 yrs) study program Nursing, with the second cycle study program Health Care Management (Master’s Degree/2 yrs) currently being in the process of accreditation with the Council for Higher Education of the Republic of Slovenia. Our lecturers and their colleagues are constantly updating the theory and practice being taught in line with the established professional doctrines and guidelines. The students value their passion for innovation, their knowledge of immediate practice and the modern teaching and research methods they use.

We are extremely proud of the research work and the achievements of our lecturers, researchers and students, not only because they contribute to clinical practice and Slovenian and international scientific journals, but also because they represent the basis of development for our school. We work in close cooperation with our region - first cycle nursing studies could not be implemented without the cooperation of various clinical bases in the Gorenjska region and elsewhere, giving students the chance to combine theory with practice. It is also important that we participate in educational activities connected with health and in other activities aimed at increasing the percentage of healthy population and at developing the health care system.