I am pleased to know that you are considering continuing your studies at the Faculty of Health Care. If you are determined to acquire the best knowledge and get the best experience in nursing or health care management, then the Faculty of Health Care is the right choice for you. We are a young, modern and ambitious higher education institution in Slovenia, with the first generation of students having enrolled in 2007. We employ experienced and dedicated experts, lecturers and researchers from the fields of nursing and health care who will encourage you throughout your studies.

At the moment, our College is offering two study programs: first cycle professional higher education study program Nursing (Diploma/3yrs), and second cycle (Master’s Degree/2 yrs) study program Nursing. The second cycle (Master’s Degree/2 yrs) study program Health Care Management is in the process of accreditation. All the study programs are designed to satisfy the health care needs of the population and the organizational needs for health care system, while at the same time being a promising start to your professional career. Study programs are comparable with similar programs abroad. During the academic year, colleagues from abroad join Slovenian lecturers. You will also be encouraged to spend part of your studies abroad. Our goal is to develop study programs that would meet the needs of health care provision today and in the future.

Our experts, university lecturers, and researchers will assist you during the course of your studies and beyond, and support you in meeting your professional goals. The Faculty of Health Care stands for partnership, knowledge, development, innovation, research, quality and practice. You will be encouraged to pursue excellence. Once you graduate and start looking for employment (or, alternatively, once employment finds you), your knowledge and skills will be very important. Professionals from clinical environments are already aware of the capabilities of our students and we are sure that the quality of our master’s students of nursing and health care management will be proven in the years to come. I am convinced that after completing your studies, you will also be able to independently choose your professional career, either in Slovenia or abroad. It is important to be aware that you can be among the best specialists in your field, because your studies will emphasize the importance of research and development in nursing. We combine theory, research and practice through a range of international and Slovenian events. With our pedagogic, educational, research, and development activities, we are pushing the boundaries in society and setting new standards in the professional environment. One of our objectives is also to connect students of different health sciences from around Slovenia; the first student conference was born out of our proposal. We are advocating the importance of research and development in nursing both among professionals and among the general public, and this is just the beginning.

Our commitment is to assure the highest quality of the study programs offered. Programs are being developed in all the Bologna formal education cycles, and we also wish to make a significant contribution to the development and implementation of life-long learning. Our programs and activities are supported by a number of scientific research findings and by our own research work.
By enrolling in the Faculty of Health Care, you will become part of a professional higher education institution oriented towards knowledge, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence in the Slovene and European environments. You will be proud of your knowledge and skills.  

Dr. Brigita Skela Savič, Assoc. Prof.