Anatomy, physiology, pathology
Module: Physiotherapy
Contact hours – lectures: 80
Contact hours – seminar:  
Contact hours – clinical exercises:  25
Contact hours – clinical practice:  
Holder of subject:
Year of study: First
Anatomy, physiology, pathology              

Contact hours – lectures: 80
Contact hours – seminar:  
Contact hours – clinical exercises: 25 
Contact hours – clinical practice:  
Holder of subject:  
Education providers:  
Level of study: First Bologna cycle professional education study program
Semester: Winter
Language: Slovene/English
Subject-specific competences:
  • Cells and tissues. Topographical anatomy. Systemic anatomy: bones and joints, muscles, nervous system, senses, gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, uropoetic system, male and female genitals, skin, endocrine system.
  • Physiological principles, cells, body fluids, blood, muscles, heart, bloodstream, kidney function, metabolism, thermoregulation, digestion, endocrine function.
  • Definition of pathology, methods of investigation, general pathology, pathology of osteomuscular system.

Knowledge and understanding:
  • Get knowledge of normal human anatomy.
  • Capable of use of slovenian terminology and basic latin terms.
  • Get knowledge of normal human body function.
  • Understand modern principles of pathology and its place in routine patient's work-up. Understand common pathological reactions. Get knowledge of pathology of osteomuscular system.
Mandatory references:
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Recommended references:  
Study obligations: 50% obligatory attendance at lectures
100% obligatory attendance at seminars
submitted and presented seminar work
Assessment methods: written examination (100%)