The Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care is a young, modern and ambitious institution. If you are determined to get the best education in nursing care, physiotherapy, health promotion and other health sciences, Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care is the right choice for you. The Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care is also the right choice for those looking for a dynamic work environment with a strong focus on research and development activities.

Study programs offered by the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care are internationally comparable and respond to the health care needs of the general population while including modern approaches to health care and the organization of the health care system. The faculty is offering five study programs in all three Bologna cycles. In the first Bologna cycle, we provide the Nursing Care (PH) professional study program that complies with the EU directive on the recognition of professional qualifications for the profession of Registered Nurse as well as the Physiotherapy (PH) study program. In the second Bologna cycle, we offer two master's degree programs: Nursing Care (Master’s degree/2 years) and Health Promotion (Master’s degree/2 years). In the third Bologna cycle, you can enrol in the Health Care Sciences doctoral study program. We have also accredited two postgraduate specialization study programs for further professional training - Health Care-Related Infections (60 ECTS) and Psychiatric Nursing (60 ECTS).  We are in the process of preparing and accrediting other study programs. 

We enrolled our first students in 2007 and saw the first graduated registered nurses enter the workforce in 2010. In 2012, we celebrated the first graduates of our Master's program. They significantly contribute to the development of evidence-based work in nursing care and health care and foster the awareness that improving health is a key dimension and responsibility of a modern health care system that needs to touch all sectors of society and activity. We direct our students towards acquiring competencies that enable them to work and take responsibility for more complex forms of work within the health care system as well as outside it. Our doctoral candidates that we expect to graduate within the next 4 to 5 years will make important contributions towards the development of health care science knowledge internationally and in Slovenia, which will influence the development of science as well as the application of new findings in the health care system and more broadly. 

When you study here, you will fully experience partnership, knowledge, development, innovation, research and quality as part of your theoretical and practical preparation for your profession. We will encourage you to complete a part of your study requirements with our partner universities in the EU. After you complete your studies and begin looking for employment, what you learned matters and we will encourage you to strive for excellence during your studies. 

The Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care employs proven nursing care and health care higher education teachers, professionals and researchers from Slovenia. They are bolstered by established international nursing care and health care professionals, speakers and researchers from our partner universities, particularly in the second and third Bologna cycle study programs. The teaching staff as well as all other employees will help and support you as you achieve your study goals. 

By deciding to study at the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care, you will study in an environment with strong awareness of the importance of research and development in health care. We combine theory, research and practice through a range of international and Slovenian events.  We have outstanding working relationship with health care and social security institutions in the Gorenjska region and Central Slovenia. We make a strong contribution to the career development of clinical mentors in our learning centres. 

With our teaching, educational, research, and development activities, we are driving the awareness of the importance of all health care professions when it comes to ensuring population health as we set new standards of knowledge in the clinical environment that are comparable to the rest of Europe. 

By enrolling at the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care, you will become a student at a faculty that is focused on knowledge and creativity and is looking for excellence by integrating with Slovenian and international environments. You will be proud of your knowledge and education. Join us.