Our mission is to create, transfer and broaden the required knowledge and skills for ensuring high-quality, safe, and efficient health care provision.


Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care aims to become the leading Slovenian faculty in education, research and international cooperation for the fields of nursing, physiotherapy, health promotion, health care management and quality in health care.

Faculty that creates knowledge for professionalization of health care and the scientific implementation of health siciences in Slovenia.


The core values of ABFHC on which our value system is based include partnership, knowledge, and development.

Starting points for future development of the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care 

ABFHC has a vision of becoming a recognized quality school in the Slovene and European area, whose graduates will be respected by their all-round knowledge and skills, as well as their holistic approach to patient and integrative functioning within the health team. The basis of the school’s development must be research work on nursing care, physiotherapy and the health system, whose results will enrich clinical practice and will be published in the periodicals at home and abroad.

Internationally, ABFHC wants to be included into joint projects and, through research, student and teacher exchanges, intends to be recognised as an active member of the group of quality European schools dealing with the nursing care and health system, particularly in the area of middle and southeast Europe and Mediterranean.

ABFHC wants to win recognition, to be an acknowledged, socially responsible carrier of education and knowledge transfer in the field of health care and health system. With scientific research development, development of postgraduate and doctorial programs and development of the college and its teachers, the faculty also wants to establish conditions for introduction of faculty programs.

The developmental school motto is: Partnership, Knowledge, Development.

Basic premises guiding the development of the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care

Study programs 

The Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care aims to become a faculty that delivers study programs of the highest quality. These programs are: nursing care, physiotherapy, health promotion and health science. Since 2017, we have offered the Health Care Sciences doctoral study program that covers three fields – Nursing Care, Health Promotion and Health Care Management - and has brought together established Slovenian and international higher education teachers and researchers. 

The character of students and graduates

Students and graduates of the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care are recognized for their comprehensive knowledge and skills as well as their ability to treat patients holistically, integrate their work into health care teams and include and manage complex professional and systemic challenges in health care in accordance with the level of their education. 

We strive to ensure excellent employability of our first cycle graduates and provide outstanding qualifications and recognition to our Master's program graduates in the field of applied research, advanced forms of work and clinical practice improvements.


Our doctoral candidates will make important contributions towards the development of health care science knowledge internationally and in Slovenia, influencing the development of science and ensuring the application of new findings into the health care system and more broadly.