Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care participates in Erasmus+ mobility programme. Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education: ECHE charter for programm period 2021-2027 (ECHE number: 101013444). Erasmus institutional number is SI JESENIC01, PIC code is 949637664, OID code is E10106464.

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education enables both Erasmus student exchanges in the chosen fields of study and clinical practice, and exchanges of staff, professors and researchers from various fields of work.

International students will have the opportunity to be included in clinical exercises and practice, and to attend our lectures and seminars. Individual programs can also be made for some foreign students. Each student will be assigned a certain number of ECTS credits and will receive a confirmation of attendance letter. Exchange students will also receive full support from our international coordinator, professors and students-tutors. Student tutors help other students determine their learning goals, understand the teaching methods and meet various student obligations. Student exchanges take place from October to June.  

We always warmly welcome all foreign lecturers and researches to participate in developing common international programs, conferences, summer schools, researches, as well as in our study programmes in the framework of Erasmus mobility programme. Additionally, foreign teachers are also invited to participate in our annual activities that are organized by Center for lifelong learning, career counselling, tutorship and mentorship.
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