Speech of the president of ALUMNI club

We are aware that we who are working in the Health Care, are more than just friendly smiles and warm-hearted.  We are an indispensable part of health care team, who can contribute professionally to higher quality and safety of patient treatment.  Integration and participation of health care professionals between different areas are the basis for, gaining and acquiring new knowledge and experience. We are recognizing the cooperation of Alumni Club with different organizations to be the key element of efficiency and success.  

Therefore, I invite you to enrol in our club of diplomats of Angela Boskin Faculty of Health Care. Together we can build the interconnection between different health care specialists.

We want to encourage affiliation to the faculty. We would like to promote international and domestic achievements, career achievements of graduates. We would like to promote and monitor scientific research and educational work of the faculty. This is how we will achieve the connection between members of Alumni Club and Faculty itself. 

Urban Bole, 
President of ALUMNI Club