ABFHC's Angela Boškin Institute brings together researchers who aim to meet the following goals:

  • develop and implement scientific research work at the ABFHC for the National Research and Development Programme of Slovenia; 
  • apply for and carry out research projects (basic, applied and clinical research projects) in Slovenia (Slovenian Research Agency - ARRS, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology - MVZT, Ministry of Health, and the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia) and abroad (EU tenders);
  • actively promote the participation  of first and second cycle students in College research work;
  • publish research results;
  • foster the implementation of research results in the clinical setting;
  • inform the public of research results; 
  • organize and assist in organizing international and domestic scientific conferences and research schools;
  • offer consulting services and other professional services connected to research;
  • create conditions for the publication of a scientific journal on nursing and health care; 
  • evaluate research and development work and prepare reports on quality assessment of researchers in accordance with Article 32 of the Rules on quality assessment criteria for research and data bases of research. 

By meeting its goals, the Angela Boškin Institute team desires to:

  • develop new knowledge and skills, and promote knowledge transfer for the public benefit;
  • bring together researchers and experts in health care and nursing who devote their time to research work in order to build up new knowledge and methods, thereby significantly improving the quality and professionalism levels in everyday health care practice and ensuring better medical care provision;
  • foster human resource development and research development by strengthening the role of science throughout the education process.  

Research is an extremely important aspect of health care and nursing. As an integral element of the health care system, nursing should be based on research results, with research activities becoming incorporated into the work of every RN and other highly skilled health care professionals. Nursing practice should be based on research results obtained by nurse researchers. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) stresses that research leads to better knowledge on how to maintain health and ensure the wellbeing of the population.

The head of the Angela Boškin Institute for health care and nursing at the ABFHC is Professor Brigita Skela Savič, Research Councillor (PhD, MPhil, BA, RN).