Biochemistry and Biophysics


Basic Sciences



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Holder of subject:

Dr Ivica Avberšek Lužnik, Assistant Professor

Education providers:

  • Dr Ivica Avberšek Lužnik, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Aleš Jerin, Lecturer

Level of study:

First Bologna cycle professional education study program





Subject specific competences:

The student:

  • Gets a clear view  about the metabolic cycles and biochemistry which analyses threedimensional structure of biomolecules and communication between cells in an organism regarding thermodynamics; learns the basic structural elements of living organisms and their physical and chemical interactions; Learns the connection between structure and function of certain molecules; Learns about the dynamic balance and interdependence of molecules in living organisms; Learns the main biochemical processes that take place in various cellular compartments.
  • Student will be familiar with basic physical  terms and their role in human body.
  • Student will be acquaint with main tasks of diagnostic laboratory. Specially, the influence of errors in sample collection, transportation and strorage on laboratory tests and data interpretation will be pointed out. The students will become aware with quality assurance system and with ethics in laboratory medicine. They will recongnize step by step laboratory diagnostic principle and will learn about  some of basic screening tests and different sources of errors.
  • Understanding overall biochemical and biophysical proceses in human body.
  • The students will learn how correctly handle the different biological samples before laboratory  analysis, how to performe some of screening tests, how to use different anticoagulants and other additives.

Mandatory and recommended references:

Mandatary references:

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Recommended references:

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Study obligations:

  • 30% obligatory attendance at lectures
  • 100% obligatory attendance at clinical exercises

Assessment methods:

  • written and oral examination