Clinical exercises prepare students for clinical practice. They are conducted under simulated conditions in modernly equipped rooms for practical training in nursing. In the first year, clinical exercises are conducted under the subject Nursing Care I, and in the third year under the subject Child and Adolescent Nursing with Pediatrics. The exercises are conducted and monitored by university lecturers and lectures assistants.

Clinical exercises give students a chance to learn the basic practical skills required to directly conduct bedside nursing care and bedside medical and technical procedures. The group consists of 10 to 14 students to ensure optimum working conditions. Lecturers and technical assistants will encourage students, foster teamwork, and motivate them for active work. A nursing intervention is staged and conducted on models in front of a group of students. During the intervention, students are advised on how to conduct the procedure correctly and to take into account all the possible factors in treating a patient. At the end of the exercises, students take a test exam consisting of a written and practical part.

Once they successfully pass the test exam, they can enroll for clinical practice in a clinical environment. Clinical exercises are also conducted for other subjects, according to the curriculum.