The profession of a registered nurse (RN) is rewarding, special, and dynamic. Taking care of other people brings a great deal of satisfaction on a personal level. Also, this is one of the most sought-after professions - not only in Slovenia and the Gorenjska region, where the Faculty of Health Care is located, but also in other European countries.

While most nursing professionals in other European countries have a higher education or a university degree, the majority of nurses in Slovenia continue to have a high school education (assistant nurses). This is why registered nurses are extremely employable in Slovenian hospitals and other health care institutions, and this need is expected to continue growing over the next years. We are convinced that your generation of graduates (do you see yourself as one of them?) will be warmly welcomed by health care institutions in three years’ time. Especially because they know that our students are highly trained and extremely motivated - they take care of patients professionally, are eager to do the work and trained to play a vital role in a wide range of health care procedures, from diagnostics, treatment, alleviation of symptoms and side-effects, to helping patients gain independence in their everyday activities.

Moreover, our students continuously take care of people as individuals: whether they are ill or well, and regardless of the age group. They are the heralds of health not only in the patients' lives, but also in the lives of their families and the society as a whole. Registered nurses are also trained in giving advice on leading a healthy life and disease prevention, and can take an active role of an advocate, an adviser, a teacher, a leader, a researcher, or a health care policy maker and health care system adviser.