Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology
Module: Basic Sciences
Contact hours – lectures: 75
Contact hours – seminar:  
Contact hours – clinical exercises: 10
Contact hours – clinical practice:  
Holder of subject: Izidor Kern, Senior Lecturer
Year of study: First

Contact hours – lectures:  25
Contact hours – seminar:  
Contact hours – clinical exercises:  
Contact hours – clinical practice:  
Holder of subject: Miran Rems, MSc, Senior Lecturer
Education providers:
  • Miran Rems, MSc, Senior Lecturer
  • Izidor Kern, Senior Lecturer
Level of study: First Bologna cycle professional education study program
Semester: Winter
Language: Slovene/English
Subject-specific competences: Students will:
  • learn about the structure of a normal human body
  • learn how to use correct Latin terminology in relation with their field
  • obtain knowledge in anatomy and in basic terms of histology
  • the human anatomy of an adult is essential; anatomies of different age groups are less important
  • become familiar with different anatomical variations and anomalies

Knowledge and understanding:
  • comprehension of basic principles and definitions in anatomy and histology
  • basic anatomical knowledge
  • knowledge of Latin nomenclature
  • awareness of the importance of basic knowledge for integration with other nursing disciplines and medicine
  • understanding of the anatomical nomenclature and its use in everyday work and studies
  • knowledge of all anatomical parts, including topographic and specific anatomical facts
Mandatory references:
  • Dahmane, R., 2005. Ilustrirana anatomija. Ljubljana: Tehnična založba Slovenije.
Recommended references:
  • Kališnik, M., 2003. Oris histologije z embriologijo. 4. Izd.  Ljubljana: Medicinska fakulteta.
  • Štiblar Martinčič, D., Cor, A., Cvetko, E. & Marš, T., 2007. Anatomija, histologija in fiziologija. Ljubljana: Univerza v Ljubljani, Medicinska fakulteta. 
Study obligations:
  • 50% obligatory attendance at lectures
Assessment methods:
  • oral and written examination