The Physiotherapy study program (PH) was developed by the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care and is focused on developing graduate students' competencies that comply with the international guidelines published by the World Confederation for Physiotherapy. It prioritizes quality delivery of the study program, tight integration with clinical environments and social responsibility in terms of education scope. Students graduating from the program will be recognized independent professionals with access to a broad range of employment opportunities in health care, social services, business and the free labour market.
The study program provides the basic and professional skills required to achieve vocational competencies. It includes current compulsory and elective courses. The elective courses are a response to the societal needs that physiotherapy as a profession needs to develop. This way, the study program emphasizes improved knowledge in the areas of health, safe and quality health care and physiotherapy treatment, long-term care, chronic illness, rehabilitation, evidence-based physiotherapy, etc. to ensure professionals can keep up with new findings and technological progress. 
The program brings a new and modern insight into the work and development of physiotherapy as both a profession and a science. After completing their studies, graduates will be able to work in teams as well as independently to deliver and develop the profession of physiotherapy. They will be able to recognize different needs for preparing preventive as well as curative programs and actively contribute to the creation of various professional strategies, recommendations, guidelines and standards. Graduates will understand the importance of delivering high quality physiotherapy treatment in various work environments and will be aware of the necessity of collaboration and team work; they will be able to perform comprehensive physiotherapy treatment across all levels, from assessing specific situations and evaluating the findings of their own assessments to advising and carrying out preventive activities in the field of physiotherapy. This will ensure graduates are able to independently deliver physiotherapy activities while considering the indications and contraindications within the framework of their competencies and understanding and performing the assessment and documentation of the patient's functional state; they will also be capable of critical reasoning when preparing physiotherapy programs and ready to perform responsibly as equals within various teams. Graduates will work to the greatest benefit of their patients or other users of physiotherapy services, prepare physiotherapy treatments to reflect the recognized needs of individuals, evaluate and analyse their own work, integrate the physiotherapy profession with other stakeholders in the rehabilitation process and apply physiotherapy processes across all levels of health care.