General competencies of the study program comply with the requirements of level 7 under the Slovenian Qualifications Framework.

The study program is focused on developing graduate students' competencies that comply with the international guidelines published by the World Confederation for Physiotherapy. It prioritizes quality delivery of the study program, tight integration with clinical environments and social responsibility in terms of education scope. Students graduating from the program will be recognized independent professionals with access to a broad range of employment opportunities in health care, social services, business and the free labour market.

The study program was designed in compliance with the guidelines for First Cycle Bologna Study Programs. It consists of compulsory and elective general and specialized courses and a diploma thesis.

Important information:

Level of education under the Slovenian Qualifications Framework

Level 7


1st Bologna Cycle Study Program Physiotherapy (PH), 180 ECTS

Academic title and its abbreviation

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (PH) (PH)
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (PH) (PH)

Program syllabus

Physiotherapy 1st Bologna Cycle Study Program (PH) is equivalent to 180 ECTS. The showcased syllabus consists of 26 compulsory and 18 elective subjects of which 6 are general elective subjects and 12 are professional elective subjects. The study program is concluded with a defence of the diploma thesis.

Competencies and capabilities

Graduates will obtain general and specific competencies that will enable them to understand, use, analyse, synthesize and evaluate basic and professional physiotherapy knowledge.

Student obligations

Students will complete the 1st cycle study program once they complete all the obligations required by the study program and successfully defend their diploma thesis.

Study duration 

3 years, six semesters (180 ECTS)

Study type

Full-time and part-time


Full-time studies: FZAB, Spodnji Plavž 3, Jesenice 
Part-time studies: FZAB, Študijsko središče Ljubljana

Ratio between methods of instruction:


Method of instruction






  Laboratory work


  Clinical training


  Independent student work


Total ECTS value of the program