Research methods

Study field:  

Holder of subject:

Dr Brigita Skela Savič, Professor
Dr Bojana Lobe, Associate Professor

Education providers:

  • Dr Brigita Skela Savič, Professor
  • Dr Bojana Lobe, Associate Professor

Contact hours – lectures:


Contact hours – seminar:


Contact hours – clinical training:


Other forms of organized study work: 40

Individual student work:




Level of study:

Second cycle study program Advanced Nursing Care





Subject specific competences:


  • becomes acquainted with research paradigms and research approaches and methods which constitute nursing and health care practice;
  • gains awareness of the significance of research for nursing;
  • learns about the characteristics of research work;
  • explores research paradigms, research approaches and methods which constitute nursing and health care practice;
  • becomes acquainted with a overview of different research designs in  nursing research;
  • learns methods and techniques to effectively use various types of research designs;  
  • different approaches of data analysis;
  • considers ethical dimensions of research;
  • Become capable of collecting empirical data for decision making; Basic knowledge about statistical conclusions; Purpose, use and types statistical methods, selection of methods, review of data, interpretation of data;
  • To know basic conception and use of qualitative technic of data analysis.  

Mandatory and recommended references:






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Conditions for the inclusion in the study:

Basic nursing knowledge and research in nursing care (Bachelor degree).

Assessment methods:

  • Written examination - 100%


Teaching methods:

Lectures, seminars, group work