Nursing is not an isolated profession - it is an integral part of the health care system. In recent years, the health care system has undergone rapid and significant change, and nursing hasn’t been left out of the process. Interest in integral health care in: 

Slovenia keeps growing. As people require increasingly complex health care services, various groups of health care professionals and specialists have to combine their knowledge and experience. 
All of this makes a master's degree program in nursing a personal opportunity for you. We offer a study program that was developed as a response to the modern society's health care needs, where patients have to be treated holistically and both the healthy and the ill populations have to be approached in their everyday environment. 

In the future, the number of individuals receiving institutional health care will decrease, with the focus being shifted to home care and treatment. The hospital treatment will be short and intensive, with the emphasis on educating patients and their families about home care. Nursing professionals will play an important role in achieving integral care, as they will adjust to the needs of the patients, their families, and the society as a whole. The integral care approach calls for new skills, clinical efficiency tests, and the ability of self-monitoring and change implementation.  

The second cycle study program Nursing Care (master’s degree program) at FHCJ enables students to expand and deepen their core nursing knowledge and skills, and to acquire new knowledge and skills in specialized nursing areas. Students gain knowledge, competencies and skills at the advanced level of nursing, in accordance with the document Nursing Care Continuum –Framework and Competencies (ICN 2008), specifically the competency guidelines for nurses which constitute part of the document. Moreover, the program complies with the "Strategic directions for strengthening nursing and midwifery services 2011–2015" (World Health Organization–WHO, 2010).

Close cooperation with health care institutions and long-term care facilities in Slovenia, as well as connections with other EU faculties which facilitate the exchange of students and instructors and joint research and development, is of extreme importance for the implementation of the second cycle study program Nursing Care.