Leadership in Nursing


Leadership and quality in Nursing Module

Holder of subject:

Dr Brigita Skela Savič, Associate Professor

Education providers:

  • Dr Brigita Skela Savič, Associate Professor
  • Dr Branko Gabrovec, Assostant
  • Dr Jožica Peterka Novak, Senior Lecturer

Contact hours - lectures:


Contact hours - seminar:


Contact hours - exercises:


Individual student work:




Level of study:

Second cycle study program Nursing


Winter / Summer



Subject specific competences:


  • becomes acquainted with modern approaches and theories of leadership;
  • learns about the factors influencing successful leadership;
  • learns about the importance of leadership for clinical work;
  • gains knowledge of the basic elements of nursing leadership;
  • becomes familiar with the trends in leadership development in the post-modern society;
  • learns about leadership as a profession significantly influencing health care process outcomes.

Mandatory and recommended references:

Mandatory references:

  • Huber D. Leadership and Nursing Care Management. Philadelphia: Saunders Company; 2000.

Recommended references:

  • Kouzes JM, Posner BZ. Leadership Challenge. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, cop; 2003.
  • Senge PM. Mental models from The fifth discipline: the art and practice of the learning organisation, Hutchinson, 1992 : 174-204 and 400-401.

Conditions for the inclusion in the study:

  • Students must have successfully met the requirements of subjects Basics of Management and Quality in Health Care and Nursing Care in order to be admitted into 2nd year of studies.

Assessment methods:

  • written examination – 80%,
  • seminar  contribution – 20%.

Teaching methods:

Lectures, seminars, group work, literature review in specific areas of leadership - meta-synthesis