Health promotion as part of public health is defined as science that focuses population health, research and organisation of social systems to improve population health. This leads to third unique characteristic of master level Health promotion programme – creating interactions between population needs and systematic arrangements. It is the first programme that is founded in proposals for reconceptualisation of Slovenian public health and the first programme that has competencies to create enough experts to actualize health strengthening policy. Program is comparable with 4 European universities: University of Bergen, Norway (Department of Health Promotion and Development), University of Eastern Finland/Faculty of health sciences (Department of Nursing Science), University of Brussels (Department of Public Health), Swansea University, UK (School of Human Health Sciences).

ABFHC plans to establish new knowledge for new goals in the field of Health promotion and to become educational and dissemination centre for health promotion. ABFHC has created internationally comparable master degree study program to develop competencies and capabilities in the filed of health promotion in Slovenia. Study program is very important to shape qualitative development of public health. In Slovenia we do not have accredited program that would offer education in the health promotion field. Though, a lot of health care workers already practice health promotion activities, using existing knowledge with no systematic overview or control.