The Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care is a modern higher education institution for nursing and health care. Together with recognized experts from Slovenia and abroad, we have, in the short time that we have been offering courses, prepared a master’s program in health promotion that is comparable to other European schools. The Faculty is young, flexible and development-oriented. Competition in the higher education sector is fierce, which is why we take great care in planning the programs and choosing lecturers, while at the same time making sure that students get the best mentors, tutors, and individual counselling. We work at establishing international contacts and plan an international mobility network.  

The study program offers you an opportunity for:

  • personal and career development in the  fields of health promotion;
  • cooperation with internationally acclaimed  university lecturers and other specialists from the field; 
  • interconnection of theory, practice, and research; 
  • making your own ideas come true;            
  • networking between students and  professors during and after the studies; 
  • cooperation with other professions.          

The future is in knowledge and creativity, the future is up to you!