Evidence based practice in interprofessional perspective in healthcare


Health Care Sciences

Holder of subject:

Dr Brigita Skela Savič, Professor
Dr Walter Sermeus, Professor

Education providers:

  • Dr Brigita Skela Savič, Professor
  • Dr Walter Sermeus, Professor
Collaborating professors: Selected mentors of PhD thesis.

Contact hours - lectures:


Contact hours - seminar:


Contact hours - exercises:


Individual student work:




Level of study:

Third cycle study program Health Care Sciences





Subject specific competences:


The student:

    • The course aims to encourage students to reflect on the basis for their own professional practice and rethinking which basic knowledge supports acting practice.
    • It is intended that students will develop a questioning attitude and will explore the rational for the way care is provided in their particular field of practice and will understand connection between basic and applicative research. 
    • Student will understand a meaning of evidence based practice for development of health care system and for development different professions in healthcare. 
    • Evidence based practice is a complex concept and students will have the opportunity to consider the ethical, political, managerial and methodological issues that surround it. 
    • Student will be encouraged to develop their understanding of how evidence is generated, retrieved, appraised and more importantly applied in practice.

Mandatory and recommended references:






Mandatory references:

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    • Aktualni članki in gradiva po navodilu VSU / Actual articles and other materials.

Conditions for the inclusion in the study:

Student needs to finish with obligation at subject “Scientific research work and methodos: Quantitative, qualitative and mix methods” (attendance at lectures/seminars, colloquium, work tasks). 

Assessment methods:

  • written examination - 50%
  • systematic literature review - 50 %

Teaching methods:

Seminar, group working, presentation in front of group, argumentation of research idea and research plan.