Informatics in Nursing Care


Social Sciences



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Contact hours – seminar:


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Holder of subject:

Dr Uroš Rajkovič, Assistant Professor

Education providers:

  • Dr Uroš Rajkovič, Assistant Professor

Level of study:

First Bologna cycle professional education study program





Subject specific competences:

The student:

  • learns the current trends and approaches in using informatics in nursing;
  • learns the factors influencing information support construction in work processes;
  • becomes familiar with the importance of informatics for clinical work;
  • learns about the trends in development of informatics in the postmodern society;
  • learns about informatics as a tool significantly influencing health care process outcomes;
  • learns the importance of protecting data confidentiality in health care;
  • is capable of actively participating in the development and integration of information systems;
  • is capable of using modern information technology in the educational process.

Mandatory and recommended references:

Mandatory references:

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Recommended references:

  • /

Study obligations:

  • 100% obligatory attendance at the seminars
  • seminar work

Assessment methods:

  • written examination (80%)
  • seminar work (20%)