ProCare Yearly progress report


Hospitals and faculties together for prosperous and scientific based healthcare (ProCare)
Yearly progress report, November 2019

Procare project promised to address 2 relevant issues: the lack of research knowledge among RNs and poor research alliance between hospitals and HEIs. The profile of research in nursing will be raised by increasing both research capacity and capability. Through individual Work packages (WPs) & outputs, 5 set objectives will be addressed: 1.  to build infrastructure with research leadership that will support a research active environment (WP1 - analysing nursing work environment and enablers/barriers in facilitating nurses to do research, WP2 - establishing nursing research groups/units; identifying research mentors within the hospitals and linked researchers at HEI, suggesting the online material content);  2.  to improve access to research training and support opportunities (WP 3, 4, 5 - online learning programme);  3.  to identify research priorities in practice and link in with HEI to address them jointly (WP2); 4. to encourage intra-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary & inter-agency research collaborations (WP2; research group establishment); 5. To raise the profile of research conducted by nurses to internal and external organisations (WP 2, 6: encouraging nurses to submit abstracts to conferences and improve research writing skills).
After 12 months of the project we have gained some important results and set the filed for further work. 
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