Welcome to the: 'Online course on: Applied nursing research'

 Hello and welcome to the 'Online course on: Applied nursing research'

Partners of the ProCare project have developed an online educational program: 'Online course on: Applied nursing research', intended for graduate nurses/graduate health professionals who want to easily and quickly learn the basic steps for research in nursing. The free educational program is designed in such a way that enables learning about the basics of research in nursing in the Moodle online environment. 

The program consists of five themes: Thinking, Exploring, Planning and testing, Empirical research and Evaluating. Each topic is presented through an interactive book that concludes with a short quiz.




Link for e-learning platform is HERE

After finishing with the online learning programme each student receives a certificate and, in some countries, also reference points from national nursing association. 

You are welcome to join and follow the steps of online cource.

For gaining  the user name and password please contact some of the contact persons below:

General mail - center@fzab.si (Slovenia)
Katja Pesjak - kpesjak@fzab.si (Slovenia)
Manuel Lillo Crespo - manuel.lillo@grupohla.com (Spain)
Lucia Cadorin - lucia.cadorin@uniud.it (Italy)
Christine Fitzgerald - Christine.Fitzgerald@ul.ie (Ireland)

You are welcome to join,

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