ProCare at 14th internatinal scientific conference

 ProCare war presented at

14th International Scientific Conference: Integrating health care sciences through theory and practice in line with the scientific and professional development and the promotion of user’s well-being

which was held online due to the epidemic, on June 10th, 2021

The 14th International Scientific Conference was connecting. It was connecting health care sciences in practice and supports cooperation between different healthcare professions. It was connecting theory, practice and research findings with users. It placed professional findings into a broader context to promote the necessary improvements.

The conference aimed to present the current research and development work in the fields of nursing, health promotion, physiotherapy, and other healthcare professions. 

The goal was to integrate healthcare professions in practice and disseminate proposed improvements.  This shall establish a knowledge triangle between the academic and clinical environment for user’s well-being.

ProCare was presented with the article: 'A European study on perceived barriers and enablers of nursing research'

Link to the proceedings of lecture with peer rewiew: https://www.fzab.si/uploads/images/2021_14MZK_ZBORNIK.pdf

more info: https://www.fzab.si/news/6126/534/14th-international-scientific-conferene/

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