ProCare at 15th international scientific conference

 ProCare was presented at the 

 15th International Scientific Conference: Digitalisation and Education in Health Sciences,
which was at Hotel Astoria Bled on June 9th, 2022  
The 15th International Scientific Conference 2022 emphasized the importance of digitalisation and new approaches to health sciences education. The conference brought together the practice of health sciences, facilitates collaboration between different health disciplines and introduced a modern approach to the holistic treatment of the individual. It linked theory and practice as well as research findings and users. To promote the necessary improvements and digitalisation of approach, it positioned expert findings within a broader context.
The conference was dedicated to presenting the current research and development work in the field of digitalisation of health sciences and the implementation of new educational methods in nursing care, health promotion, physiotherapy, and other health sciences.  
The aim was to integrate the practice of health sciences through digitisation and introduce new teaching approaches that reflect digitalisation trends. An important aspect of digitalisation and education in health sciences was their impact on shaping a new approach to treating individuals.
ProCare was presented with article: 'First RN4CAST results for Slovenia'
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