Eperiences with cooperation between HEI and hospital





The collaboration of the faculty and the hospital in the ProCare project (Hospitals and faculties together for prosperous and scientifically based healthcare) is a new and beautiful experience. The faculty and the hospital have been working together for a long time, because the education of nursing students requires both theoretical and practical knowledge and refinement, and only good relations and connections between the academic sphere and the clinical environment can ensure this.

The ProCare project is based on the design and development of the triangle of knowledge between theory and practice. The core of the project is to create knowledge and experience based on the demands of everyday life, which are addressed in an academic environment and solutions proposed back to the clinical environment. In this way, all stakeholders - hospitals and faculties - develop: hospitals build a research culture through the project, nurses acquire knowledge about research and information about evidence-based practice, and university teachers acquire knowledge and information about the necessary new teaching methods, new content and current challenges in everyday work in clinical settings. 

Knowledge and experience are shared in an interesting and user-friendly way. Forming a research group and so-called the journal club, the determination of research mentors in the clinical environment and the list of topics that will also be addressed in master's and doctoral research works are ways that concretely contribute positively to the hospital and the faculty. Given the current needs in the field of nursing, collaborative staffing and addressing pressing issues are critical to developing practices that have the ultimate goal of patient well-being.



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