CNJ visited lecturers from the University of Central Lancashire in Great Britain

Dr. Paul Reid, Senior Lecturer and Mr. Martin Johnston, Principal Lecturer from the School of Health, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Great Britain visited the College of Nursing Jesenice from May 12th till May 16th. During the visit time their conducted more lectures:

- Tuesday, May 13th 2014, CNJ, lectures for the 2nd year students in subject Public Health 2: Are drugs addictive? Encouraging clear thinking about public health responses to substance misuse (Dr. Paul Reid); Whose Wellbeing is it Anyway?: An analysis of conceptual issues in recent public health policy developments in the UK (Mr. Martin Johnston).
- Wednesday, May 14th 2014, National Institute for Public Health: The problem with autonomy in public health (Mr. Martin Johnston); Drug use, public health and illegality: a comparative analysis of international variations in drug policy (Dr. Paul Reid).
- Thursdays, May 15th 2014, CNJ: lectures for the 2nd year students in subject Public Health 2: Care, Compassion and Commodification: An analysis of perceived problems in UK nursing (Mr. Martin Johnston); Doing research with vulnerable groups: researching homelessness (Dr. Paul Reid). 

Visiting lecturers visited also the clinical settings of CNJ clinical teaching bases such as University Psychiatric hospital Ljubljana, Unit for drug addiction treatment, General Hospital Jesenice and Psychiatric Hospital Begunje. In discussions with the management and academic staff of CNJ took place the presentation of educational, research and development activities of institutions, exchange of good practices and agreement for the future teaching and research collaborations between College of Nursing Jesenice and School of Health at the University of Central Lancashire.