International week at Faculty of Health Care Jesenice (FHCJ)

FHCJ will host an International week between 9th - 14th June 2014. 26 international experts from 9 countries (USA, England, Scotland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Italy, Poland, Romunia) will participate in one of the events. Three events will be organized: International workshop ISTEW of seven countries, International day of FHCJ and 7th International Scientific Conference.

FHCJ is participating at the international project “Improvement Science Training for European Healthcare Workers (ISTEW)” within  the EU Lifelong Learning Programme. Within this project, a three day seminar (9th - 11th June) of all project partners is organized by FHCJ. The seminar will attend 17 experts from partner institutions: University of the West of Scotland, UK; Coventry University, UK; Faculty of Health Care Jesenice, Slovenia; University of Economics and Innovation, Lublin, Poland; University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa”, Romania; University of Alicante, Spain; Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

International Day of FHCJ “Experiences and challenges with Doctoral Education in Nursing« will be held on Wednesday, 11 June in Jesenice. The participants will come from partner institutions in the USA, Spain, England and Italy. Experiences and challenges with doctoral education in nursing within participant institutions will be discussed. Informal part of the day will start with the sightseeing of medieval town of Radovljica and finish with a dinner.

7th International Scientific Conference of Faculty of Health Care Jesenice "Knowledge, values, beliefs, and evidence for the development of high-quality medical treatment: the place and role of nursing" will be held in Bled on 12th and 13th June. The aim of the conference is to present current research and development work in clinical environments, higher education and other institutions, and to present development strategies within the contemporary health care in adverse economic conditions. 10 Slovenian and 9 international papers will be presented in the plenary session. Moreover, 31 research papers from other slovenian experts, people from the clinical environment and master's students will be presented. The official languages of the first day are the English and Slovenian. The official language of the second day is Slovenian. CD with proceedings of lectures with peer review was published prior to the conference.

Foreign participants of the events within international week:

  • Dr Andra Hanlon, Nova Southeastern University, College of Nursing, USA
  • Dr Joanne Brooke, University of Greenwich, UK,
  • Dr Sonja Kalauz, University of Applied Health Studies, Department of Nursing, Zagreb, Biljana Kurtović, Cecilija Grgas-Bile, KBC „Sestre Milosrdnice“, Croatia
  • Sharon Hamid, MSc, Paul Lyttle, MSc, University of the West of Scotland, UK
  • Sanja Ledinski, University of Applied Health Studies, Department of Nursing, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Ţivana Vuković-Kostić, Udruženje medicinskih sestara, tehničara i babica Republike Srpske, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Dr Manuel Lillo Crespo, Miriam Sanchez San Segundo, Maria Jose Cabañero Martinez, Nursing Department, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Alicante, Spain;
  • Dr Alan Taylor, Katarina Ritters, Coventry University, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, UK
  • Dr Julita Sansoni, Dr Elisabetta Corvo, Anna Rita Marucci, Dr Walter de Caro, Sapienza University Rome, Department of Public Health and Infectious Disease, Nursing Research Unit, Italy
  • Dr Kevin Rooney, Dr Rhoda MacRae, Barbara O'Donnell, University of the West of Scotland, UK
  • Dr Jacek Lis, Dr Magdalena Głowacka, University of Economics and Innovation, Lublin, Poland,
  • Dr Traian Mihaescu, Dr Radu Crisan, Dr Laura Smochina, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa”, Romania
  • Dr Andy Carson-Stevens, ISTEW Project evaluator