European definition of »Healthcare Improvement Science (HIS)« is agreed




From June 9th till June 11th 2014 Faculty of health care Jesenice (FHCJ) hosted three-day working meeting of project partners in the international research-developmental project, titled »Improvement Science Training for European Healthcare Workers« (ISTEW). ISTEW project is founded by EU Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme from October 1st 2013 till September 30th 2015 and includes seven partners from six EU countries (Greta Britain, Poland, Italy, Romania, Spain and Slovenia). The purpose of the ISTEW project meeting in Slovenia, which was placed in the Hotel Astoria in Bled, was overview and reporting of partners about the project work during the last 9 months through all 12 workpackes and agreement between partners about further activities inside each Workpackage. Significant achievement of the meeting was achieved in Workpackage 3, leading by FHCJ. WP3 is dedicated to the development of clear definition of Healthcare Improvement Science. After the first (December 9th 2013 – January 7th 2014) and second (April 4th – May 2nd 2014) Delphi iterations and focus group (June 10th 2014) of the project experts was achieved during the project meeting in Bled the agreed consensus on the final EU definition of the Healthcare Improvement Science:
»Healthcare improvement science is the generation of knowledge to cultivate change and deliver person-centred care that is safe, effective, efficient, equitable and timely. It improves patient outcomes, health system performance and population health«.
In the WP4 has been reviewed the first internal report of the systematic literature review regarding healthcare improvement science publication in Great Britain, Italy, Romania and Slovenia. With »workshop cafe« were gathered ideas and arrangements for the further narrative analysis. In the WP5 (HIS competences and capabilities overview), WP6 (HIS educational programmes overview), WP7 (gap analysis for development new HIS educational programmes) and WP10 (evaluation framework to monitor the impact of healthcare improvement) the lead organisation presented achieved work in the last 9 months in each workpackage and measurement tools for data collection. The important step forward was achieved in coordination between workpackages, aims specifications of each workpackage, and within defining the methodology and variables of measurement tools for data collections. In WP11 and WP12, which are dedicated to the exploitation and dissemination of the research project results, workshop “Agreed ways of working: giving and receiving feedback” was held on Wednesday, June 10th 2014. In this workshop each participant of the ISTEW project meeting had possibilities to express their own opinion and view about current work in the project and expectation for the future work and collaboration with the partners. In the further collaboration ISTEW project team will give attention to acknowledgment of work of each project partner, limiting the discussion flows in Basecamp, strengthening understanding of team identity, acknowledging and accepting there is more than one way to do things and clearer guidance posting on type and deadline of feedback required.

ISTEW project meeting participants in Bled:

- University of the West of Scotland, Great Britain: Prof. Kevin Rooney, Dr. Rhoda MacRae, Mrs. Barbara O'Donnell;
- Coventry University, Great Britain: Dr. Alan Taylor, Dr. Katrina Ritters;
- University of Economics and Innovation, Lublin, Poland: Mr. Jacek Lis, Dr. Magdalena Głowacka;
- University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa”, Romania: Dr. Traian Mihaescu, Dr. Radu Crisan;
- University of Alicante, Spain: Dr. Manuel Lillo Crespo, Mrs. Maria José Cabañero Martínez, Mrs. Miriam Sánchez San Segundo;
- Sapienza University of Rome, Italy: Dr. Julita Sansoni, Dr. Elisabetta Corvo, Mrs. Anna Rita Marucci;
- College of Nursing Jesenice, Slovenia: Dr. Brigita Skela Savič, Dr. Joca Zurc, Dr. Simona Hvalič Touzery, Ms. Sanela Pivač, Mrs. Katja Skinder Savić, MSc., Mrs. Sedina Kalender Smajlović, Mrs. Marta Smodiš, Mrs. Saša Mlakar, MSc.;
- ISTEW project evaluator: Dr. Andy Carson-Stevens, Cardiff University, Great Britain.
ISTEW project meeting was closed on Wednesday, June 11th 2016, with the FHCJ International Day, where the ISTEW partners joined the guests and visiting professors from EU and USA, who participated on the 7th scientific international conference.

Photos of the ISTEW project meeting participants.

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