Soulbus-e-Coach platform ready to pilot

Soulbus-e-Coach platform ready to pilot

The 3rd Soulbus project meeting was held in Croatia, on the 19th and 20th of November. The meeting was organized by the partner from the University of Zagreb and hosted at the Faculty for Education and Rehabilitation.
A major event on the meeting was unveiling of Part A part of the Soulbus-e-Coach platform which is delivering the multicultural course by our partners from the Netherlands who have been working on it based on the multicultural case repository.  The multicultural case repository was written by the Faculty of Health Care Jesenice, Slovenia, using the national reports of all partners (See the Slovenian national report). Partners from the Saxion University, Netherlands presented the content as well as tell the story behind the development to what we have today. 
Multicultural coaching programme design
The final goal of the multicultural coaching programme is to become competent on multiculturalism, symbolized as the bull’s--‐eye of the model.  This competence is very complex and needs to be unravelled for the Coaching Programme, to  make it more operational. Therefore six indicators have been defined. These indicators together build up the complex multicultural competence, and can be used in any order: 
open mindedness
social initiative
self efficacy
emotional stability
Cultural awareness is the outermost circle of the model. It is not exactly the same as an indicator, but much more a conditional factor to be aware of. It shows who you are; it shows through which eyes you look.


The new Soulbus-e-Coach programme looks wonderful! It is a product of creative minds that found interesting and entertaining ways to deal with the challenges that teachers and mentors working in multicultural environments face today. The content is filled with texts, stories, pictures and movie clips. 

In the next months, this programme will be piloted twice by all partners in the project.
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