Master’s program Health Promotion obtains accreditation

The Faculty of Health Care Jesenice (FHCJ) obtained accreditation for the second cycle (master’s degree) program Health Promotion from the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (SQAA).
Study program Health Promotion is the first of its kind in Slovenia and therefore represents a significant contribution to public health in terms of maintaining and improving the health of the general population, promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventing the occurrence and progression of diseases. With this study program, Slovenia joins other developed nations already implementing a similar study program.
A Master of Health Promotion is an expert with a high level of knowledge, competencies and skills enabling her/him to create and manage health promotion programs independently or in connection with other health care experts.
Degree holders will be familiar, in theory and practice, with public health, theoretical and practical approaches to developing health promotionand specific fields of work according to the needs of the society in general and its target groups. Their efforts will be supported with research and the application of evidence-based practice. Their main goal is to help people maintain and improve their health by considering the specifics of the modern society and by applying a comprehensive approach. Degree holders will be active in and connect many different areas and organizations, including:
- the health care system (primary, secondary and tertiary levels),
- the social security system,
- labor organizations in the private and public sectors,
- ministries, institutes, directorates,
- kindergartens, elementary schools, higher education institutions,
- wellness and spa tourism,
- NGOs,

Enrollment for the study program Health Promotion begins in the academic year 2015/16.