ABFHC is part of Centre of Excellence for nurses in tobacco control project

Together with The Society for Treatment of Tobacco Dependence (STTD, the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care (ISNCC) and others we are part  Centre of Excellence for nurses in tobacco control project

The project’s overall goals are to:
(1) Increase nurses’ knowledge and leadership capacity in tobacco dependence treatment, 
(2) Contribute to cancer prevention efforts, and
(3) Create opportunities to influence nursing education and practice standards through advocacy in Central and Eastern Europe.
The project will consist of a variety of targeted activities such as in-person workshops, online e-learning education and public events. Importantly, a key focus will be to identify and support nurses who are ready to take on leadership roles in advancing tobacco control in the region. Patients and their families will benefit through the increase in the knowledge and ability of nurses to conduct smoking intervention efforts and engage in advocacy.