Call for enrolment into the Health Care Sciences Third Cycle Doctoral Study program the second application

Based on the decision from the third correspondence meeting of the Senate in 2016/2017, dated 15 March 2017, the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care (ABFHC) is calling for enrolment into the Health Care Sciences Third Cycle Doctoral Study Program for the academic year 2017/2018.

The Health Care Sciences Doctoral Study programme is open to anyone who completed:

a) A second cycle program with 120 ECTS in the areas of health care, social sciences or the humanities.

b) A study program that provides training for medical professions regulated by European Union directives or another single Master's level study program in the areas of social sciences or humanities valued at 300 ECTS.

c) A study program required to acquire a university degree in health care, social sciences or humanities, adopted before 11 June 2004.

d) A Master of Science degree after completing a university degree in health care, social sciences or humanities. Based on an application and in accordance with the legislation, study obligations corresponding to 60 ECTS are recognized to these candidates.

e) A specialization study program adopted before 11 June 2004, if the candidate completed a relevant higher education study program. Study obligations corresponding between 30 and 60 ECTS will be recognized for these students.

All candidates enrolling in compliance with the conditions under a) to d) coming from the fields of social sciences or humanities must provide proof of working in public health or work as part of medical teams or teams that operate in the area of health in society.

All candidates must demonstrate publishing activity in the area of their profession and must be able to use study materials in English.

Aliens (candidates who are not citizens of an EU country) or Slovenians without the Slovenian citizenship must enrol in compliance with the Rules on the call for enrolment and enrolment in higher education and the Rules on studies pursued by aliens and Slovenian nationals without the Slovenian citizenship in the Republic of Slovenia. For the enrolment in doctoral study programs, the same rules apply to aliens as well as Slovenian citizens, as long as aliens completed an equivalent education abroad.
The equivalence of prior education is determined in the process of the recognition of foreign education for continuing education in the Republic of Slovenia.

Before enrolling, the candidate selects a mentor and submits their written mentorship consent and a list of three scientific publications from the area of the candidate's doctoral dissertation topic. The mentor must have a valid higher education title (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor) or a scientific title (Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow or Research Counsellor) and demonstrated research activity with relevant academic bibliography in the field of the doctoral dissertation topic. A minimum condition for demonstrating a mentor's research activity is to acquire 100 SICRIS points with bibliography over the past four years for basic research or 40 points for applied research where the mentor can demonstrate success in transferring project results into practice. The mentor is finally nominated during the process of registration and acquiring consent to the doctoral dissertation topic.
Mentorship can also be provided by a foreign expert with a title that is comparable with the academic or scientific titles of the ABFHC. In such events, the ABFHC shall name a co-mentor.

In the event of limited enrolment, the candidates will be selected based on:
a)    Performance in the last completed study
b)    Candidates will also be selected based on achievements, such as:
•    Published scientific article or an article accepted for publishing in a peer-reviewed journal
•    Awards and recognitions

In the event of limited enrolment, we will select the candidates that achieve the best score.

Candidates should send proof for fulfilling the conditions or application attachments via registered mail or deliver them personally to the ABFHC within the defined application deadlines.

Study information is also available at the ABFHC.

For additional information, please call 04 5869 361 or send an e-mail to referat@fzab.si

Brigita Skela Savič, PhD, Associate Professor