ProCare Project Kick Off Meeting


ABFHC hosted ProCare project Kick off meeting. 

Partners from Ireland (Limerick University), Italy, (University of Udine and Clinica Udine - Azienda per l’assistenza sanitaria n. 3 Alto Friuli – Collinare – Medio), Spain  (University of Alicante and Clinica Vistahermosa, S.A., Spain) and partners from Slovenia (University of Maribor, Faculty of organizational sciences and General hospital Jesenice) met on November 21st and 22nd in Ljubljana. 

The overall aim of this project is to raise the profile of research in nursing by increasing both research capacity and capability and to enhance cooperation between higher education institution (HEIs) and hospitals and thus improve patient outcomes.

Project addresses 2 complex issues: the lack of research knowledge among RNs and poor research alliance between hospitals and HEIs.

Nursing research knowledge alliance will be encouraged through 5 identified objectives:

  1. to build infrastructure with research leadership that will support a research active environment
  2. to improve access to research training and support opportunities 
  3. to identify research priorities in practice and link in with HEI to address them jointly
  4. to encourage intra-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary & inter-agency research collaborations
  5. to raise the profile of research conducted by nurses to  internal and external organisations