10 years of master's study program Nursing Care

This year, the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its second-cycle (master’s) study program Nursing Care (Master of Nursing/2y).
The study program is a continuation and extension of the first-cycle professional higher education study program Nursing Care and is based on the latest Bologna guidelines. It enables students to expand and improve their previously obtained knowledge, competences and skills while at the same time teaching them how to search for new professional and scientific sources of knowledge.
We are especially proud of the interdisciplinary nature of the study program—it incorporates a broad range of the latest theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to competently work as a nurse with master’s level education. Since its beginnings, the study program has boasted recognized Slovenian and foreign higher education professors and lecturers, giving it special added value and recognition both at home and abroad. As such, the master’s study program represents an invaluable, effective contribution of nursing education to meeting the ever changing demands in health and health care and keeping on track with the fast-paced development in these areas.
So far, 28 students have completed the master’s study program, becoming qualified to apply scientific and research methodology in the clinical setting, to implement changes based on evidence-based practice, and to lead effective teams. Students regularly publish the findings of their research and master’s theses in the form of papers at scientific healthcare conferences or articles in scientific journals; by doing so, they significantly contribute to the development of nursing as a profession and as science. In the clinical setting, master’s program graduates are recognized as excellent experts, and we are even more thrilled that many have decided to continue their studies in third-cycle (doctoral) programs.
The master’s study program Nursing Care was a great step forward in fulfilling our vision which is based on the excellence of our teaching, research and development work—all of those are at an internationally comparable level. Our graduates and students can truly be proud of the knowledge they have gained.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who were actively involved in planning and implementing the master’s study program Nursing Care—an important addition to the Slovenian educational system in 2009—and who have helped develop it since and spread its recognition. Thank you also to all graduates and students who recognized that our master’s program was the right opportunity for their scientific, professional and career development. I am convinced that, over the next years and decades, we will reach for the very top of our profession together!

Sanela Pivač, Master of Nursing, Senior Lecturer
Acting Dean