Call for enrolment in third-cycle Doctoral Study Program Health Sciences at the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care in the academic year 2021/2022

Based on the decision at the 6th meeting of the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care Senate in 2020/2021, dated 17 March 2021, the Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care (ABFHC) is calling for enrolment into the third cycle doctoral study program Health Sciences for the academic year 2021/2022.

Number of admissions for the academic year 2021/2022:

20 admissions for part-time study (including admissions for foreigners):

·        7 admissions for Health Promotion

·        8 admissions for Health Care Management

·        5 admissions for Nursing Care

The teaching process is carried out in the Slovenian language. The student must submit a certificate of the knowledge of Slovenian. The faculty reserves the right to test the knowledge of the Slovenian language.

Location of the study program: Ljubljana, ABFHC, Study Center Ljubljana, Ob železnici 30a.

Open door day: http://www.fzab.si

Application deadline:

The first round of applications will be open from 1 April to 31 August 2021 through the online portal eVŠ: http://portal.evs.gov.si/prijava.

In the case of remaining free enrolment places, the second round of applications will be open between 6 and 10 September 2021. The first application deadline is intended for Slovenian citizens, citizens of the European Union and foreigners; the second application deadline is intended for Slovenian citizens only.

Access requirements:

The Health Care Sciences third-cycle study program is open to anyone who completed:

1. A second-cycle study program worth 120 ECTS credits in the fields of health care, social sciences or humanities  
2. A study program designed to provide education for healthcare professions governed by European Union directives, or some other comprehensive master's program in social sciences or humanities worth 300 ECTS credits
3. A study program designed to provide university education in the fields of health care, social sciences or humanities, adopted before  11 June 2004
4. A master's degree, having previously completed a study program designed to provide university education in the fields of health care, social sciences or humanities. Based on an application and in accordance with the legislation, study obligations corresponding to 60 ECTS are recognized to these candidates
5. A study program designed to provide specialization, having previously completed a professional college study program in an appropriate field. These candidates will have to complete additional study requirements in specific fields, worth 30-60 ECTS credits

All candidates who meet the criteria under a-d and have previously obtained education in the fields of social sciences or humanities must have work experience in public health issues, must work in healthcare teams or be part of teams working in the field of health of the society.

All candidates must provide the following proof of meeting requirements:

Bibliography (appending an extract from COBISS; foreign candidates must submit an edited list of the candidate's published scientific and professional works if the bibliographic database is not available)

Certificate of knowledge of the Slovenian language

B2 Level English Language Proficiency Certificate

Notarized certificate of graduation at the undergraduate level, which shows the field of the undergraduate study

Aliens (candidates who are not citizens of an EU country) or Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship must enroll in compliance with the Rules on the call for enrolment and enrolment in higher education and the Rules on studies pursued by aliens and Slovenian nationals without Slovenian citizenship in the Republic of Slovenia. For the enrolment in doctoral study programs, the same rules apply to aliens as well as Slovenian citizens, as long as aliens completed an equivalent education abroad. 
The equivalence of prior education is determined in the process of the recognition of foreign education for continuing education in the Republic of Slovenia.

Before enrolling, the candidate selects a supervisor and submits their written consent to mentorship and a list of three scientific publications from the area of the candidate's doctoral dissertation topic. The supervisor must have a valid higher education title (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor) or a scientific title (Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow or Research Counsellor) and has demonstrated research activity with relevant academic bibliography in the field of the doctoral dissertation topic (at least three scientific references of the 1.01, 1.02, 2.01 types over the past five years). A minimum requirement to meet the research activity conditions for the supervisor is that the supervisor meets the conditions for a project leader on basic or applied projects under the Slovenian Research Agency policy, which means having obtained 100 points according to the Slovenian Current Research Information System (SICRIS) over the past five years and evidence of having successfully transferred project results into practice.  The supervisor must have teaching experience with the concluding works, i.e. at least as supervisor, co-supervisor, reviewer of master's theses at the second-cycle Bologna level or as supervisor, co-supervisor, or reviewer of a scientific master's degree in the education system before the Bologna reform. The supervisor is finally nominated during the process of registration and acquiring consent for the doctoral dissertation topic.

In the event of limited enrolment, the candidates will be selected based on:

a) Performance in the last completed study 

b) Achievements such as:

Published scientific article or an article accepted for publishing in a peer-reviewed journal

Awards and recognitions

In the event of limited enrolment, we will select the candidates that achieve the best score.

Candidates should send proof for fulfilling the conditions or application attachments via registered mail or deliver them personally to ABFHC, Ob železnici 30a, 1000 Ljubljana within the defined application deadlines.

Program duration / Scientific title:
3 years (180 ECTS); Doctor of Science or Doctor of Health Sciences
All study information is also available at the ABFHC web site: http://www.fzab.si/

For additional information, please call (0)5 93 39 580 or send an e-mail at referatlj@fzab.s

Assistant Professor  Ivica Avberšek Lužnik, Assistant Professor