ABFHC a prtner in ARRS basic project

The basic project Digital transformation of health and social care: Welfare technology acceptance and knowledge among current and future healthcare and social care professionals (J5-4578) was launched on October 1st 2022. It is led by the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Centre for Social Informatics (UL FSS CSI). Project is funded by the Slovenian Research Agency. The project partner is Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care. Project will last for 3 years. 
The aim of the project is to address issues related to the acceptability of welfare technologies (WT) (t.i. telecare, telehealth and socially assistive robotics) among current and future health and social care professionals (HSCPs) from sociological point of view. The project will: 
Develop a socio-technical theoretical framework of WT acceptability that will be empirically tested. 
Explore the knowledge gap in formal university education among HSCPs and students about WT and knowledge needs regarding WT. 
Review existing measurement instruments and develop an instrument with which to measure attitudinal, technological and contextual factors that affect the acceptability of WT among current (registered nurses, social workers and social gerontologists) and future (students of nursing, social work and social gerontology) HSCPs and apply it in the first national survey. 
Examine relationships among measured factors using qualitative and quantitative data. 
Empirically validate the conceptual model of WT acceptability and prepare guidelines for (1) the deployment of WT in LTC and (2) implementing WT content in university curricula.