FINE workshop organized by the CNJ




During the 29th – 30rd 2011 has College of Nursing Jesenice in Ljubljana (CITY HOTEL) hosted the international workshop - “Nursing Education - Developing the Art and Facing the Challenges ...” of European federation of nurse educators (FINE). College of Nursing Jesenice is a full member of FINE and has a position in its advisory committee.

The objectives of the international workshop FINE were focused on the performance of the nursing care master program from the Bologna process perspective, European Qualifications Framework, TUNING project, EU directives for regulated professions etc. The participants have discussed also about the appropriate treatment of the nursing care master students in clinical environments, and about the possible relations between Bologna master program and specializations in nursing care. Emphasis was placed on the development of Bologna nursing care vertical line, where the model of the growing competencies by Jeremy CoX was presented. In addition, the generic and professional master students` competences were presented (also in accordance with EQF), as well as their contribution to the health system. The participants have also stressed the role of the higher education teachers that they have in the development of nursing care as a discipline, as well as in giving lectures, and performing some researches. It is well known that research questions should derive from health system, besides their results should enrich the work in clinical environments.

Part of the workshop was open for giving some proposals about changes in EU directive for regulated professions, that is currently also in the process of completion.

The participants of the international FINE workshop came from countries like Great Britain, Brazil, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Spain, Austria, Greece, Belgium and France. The next workshop that will be focused on the doctoral nursing care degree will be held in Athens, in Greece. Our country was represented by lecturers coming from three schools, and by representatives coming from health institutions that are responsible for clinical training.


dr. Brigita Skela Savič, Assistant Professor