Tutorial of two Norwegian students about College of Nursing Jesenice

Anne Marte Aasen and Marianne Lia, students from Faculty of Nursing Oslo: Three months in Slovenia

We are two Norwegian nurse students from Oslo University College (Høgskolen i Oslo). At this point we are students at the third year of a fulltime bachelor program. At Oslo University College we can choose to study abroad in different countries around the world. We decided to go for three months to Slovenia as a part of our study program. We wanted to come here, because it`s a beautiful country with a lot of special attractions, and we heard that the quality of the health education here was high. Since we are the first international students at College of Nursing Jesenice, it was special both for us and the college. We felt very welcome here, because the program was so well prepared and both students and teachers were very friendly. College of Nursing Jesenice is a very good college in many ways. The level of knowledge around nursing is high, and you get followed up and supported through the whole study process. The exchange program started with three weeks of lectures and exercise at skills lab, five weeks of practice at General Hospital Jesenice, followed by three weeks of practice at  Hospital KOPA Golnik. In Norway, we don`t have practice at the hospital before the third year. The  first and second year we`re having practice at nursing homes, psychiatry, home based nursing and health promotion. So our first hospital practice was here in Slovenia. We were very excited about this, but met some challenges as well. In the beginning everything was new, and the language barrier made it even more difficult. But thanks to good and friendly mentors and other students, the problem was solved. It has been interesting for us to see how you work here. In Norway we are supposed to stay at one ward for two months, but here we have been so lucky to have practice at several different wards. Because of this, we are a little more orientated of what we want to work within our future carrier. We have seen a lot of different patient situations, and got to exercise many interventions. What we miss the most is to communicate directly with the patients without having a third part there to translate for us. We are grateful for coming here on an exchange program. We have made a lot of friends, and seen many parts of Slovenia. You have a beautiful country!