Faculty of Health Care Jesenice at IRIS Steering Committee Meeting and Teachers' Meeting in Denmark

Annual meeting of IRIS was held from September, 3rd till September, 5th 2014 in Aarhus, Denmark. The event was organised by VIA University College. Meeting was attended by representative of the IRIS consortium partners institutions: Oslo and Akerhus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Portugal, and Faculty of Health Care Jesenice, Slovenia. FHC was represented by dr. Joca Zurc, Asisstant Professor.

In Wednesday, September, 3rd 2014, the Steering Committee review and confirmed the final report of Erasmus IP "Works in Progress - Malta 2014". Further discussion focused on consortium activities development in 2015 from the view of possibilities, which can IRIS offer to students and teachers from partners’ institutions. The Steering Committee re-examined IRIS´ goals, vision and mission. To Steering Committee was presented also the results and evaluation assessment of the IRIS project application on Erasmus+, action KA2 – strategic partnerships. The IRIS Steering Committee accepted the decision to resubmit the upgraded IRIS application to the Erasmus+ tender in 2015. The working group was elected to work on the application with strengthened evidence based approach.

In Thursday, September, 4th and Friday, September, 5th 2014, was held the meeting of the consortium teachers’ representatives. The teachers’ meeting was dedicated to work on the Erasmus+, KA2 application and was focused on the master students’ course in research methodology based on online learning. The teachers’ committee defined 2 meeting for students and staff of IRIS consortium partners, where the students’ research work will be presented. The first two days conference will be held in May 2015 at the Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Portugal, with the purpose for masters’ students to present their research work in progress. The second conference will be held at the Faculty of Health Care Jesenice in June 2015. On the 8th FHC scientific conference the previous Erasmus IP “Works in progress” participants and other interested graduate students from the partner members of IRIS will present their completed master thesis. The teachers’ committee in Aarhuse designed also the common literature review and empirical survey between the consortium partners about e-learning among students in the health sciences.