1st International Scientific Conference on Research in Nursing and Health Care: Theory, research and practice – the three pillars of contemporary nursing care

Venue: Panorama v Best Western Premier Hotel Lovec, Ljubljanska cesta 6, Bled, conference room 

Under the Auspices of: Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia

The year 2008 has been significant both for Slovenia and the College of Nursing Jesenice for many reasons. Slovenia successfully ran the EU Council Presidency from January to the end of June, conveying an important message to all its citizens: small nations play an equally important role at all levels of EU activity. This year Slovenia is also celebrating the 500-year anniversary of the birth of Primož Trubar, the father of the first Slovenian book and the founder of standard Slovenian language. Trubar was the first who started to shape Slovenians with the means of education, leading them from ignorance and inexperience into the light of European culture and freedom. The journey has been long, but today Trubar's words »to stand and wlthstand« have come true.

The saying »to stand and wlthstand« can also be used to describe the College of Nursing Jesenice, an institution which began with its educational and research activities in 2007. The College of Nursing Jesenice is based on the solid pillars of knowledge, experience, flexibility, and innovation. We have formulated a clear vision and strategy for the development of educational and research activities, and for the improvement of nursing care in Slovenia. Our mission, vision and enthusiasm have led us to organize the first international scientific conference entitled Theory, research and practice - the three pillars of contemporary nursing care. We are delighted that so many international nursing care experts have responded to our invitation and shared the results of their scientific research work. Also, we are extremely pleased that many participants from Slovenia have embraced the international conference, decided to participate with their papers and expressed their good wishes.

Nursing care is a young scientific discipline. It is often hard to find the connection between theory, research, and practice when faced with the daily challenges at work. The only way for nursing care to assume its correct position in both science and society is to build on evidence and to appropriately develop its activities. All other options which do not call for postgraduate education of nurses and research work in nursing care are short lived and will not stand the test of time. This is why key decision makers in Slovenia representing different areas such as healthcare, higher education, nursing care management, professional organisations and action groups must all work together to facilitate the introduction of tested and efficient systems of education, research, clinical practices and career development in the field of nursing care.

Today it is time for Slovenian nursing care to turn a new page in its history, a page which should read Theory, research and practice - the three pillars of contemporary nursing care. We can take Trubar's resilience, rebelliousness, and thirst for knowledge as an example. For the nursing care of today and tomorrow, in the context of Trubar's words »to stand and withstand«, only words and the readiness for change are no longer enough. It is now time to start putting specific ideas and actions into practice.

dr. Brigita Skela Savič, assistant professor
Dean of the College of Nursing Jesenice

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