2nd International Scientific Conference on Research in Nursing and Health Care New trends in contemporary nursing – Promoting research, education, and multisector partnerships

Venue: Hotel City, Dalmatinova 15, Ljubljana, congress center CITY.

Conference was co-financed by the Slovenian Research Agency.

College of Nursing Jesenice is playing a significant role in helping to build a complete picture of the importance of nursing in a modern society through its pedagogical and educational approaches and its research and developmental activities. Partnership, knowledge and development are the guiding principles of our college, which we strive to reach through our activities in a number of fields.

Our efforts at the first conference in 2008 have already borne fruit. The Slovenian Research Agency has approved a request for funding on the basis of our application for the second international conference, in the category of scientific conferences 2009. The placing of the second conference in the category of scientific conferences has brought the organisers both new responsibility and motivation for future endeavours.

The second international conference offered an opportunity for bringing together and sharing of knowledge, research achievements, professional development, experience and innovations, providing fresh impetus for cooperation and participation. On the 1st day of the conference, 12 international and Slovene experts presented their research work. On the 2nd day, 36 papers were presented within eight thematic sets. The official languages of the conference were English and Slovene. All the addresses given by speakers in the plenary session were simultaneously translated.

This conference is important from the point of view of the development of nursing as a profession in Slovenia, as a number of interests cross in the field of professional nursing development and training. Politicians and health management find it hard to accept the fact that the education of nurses at college level is the basic level of education required for nursing and must be carried out according to the EU directive for the regularisation of professions and the guidelines drawn up by the International Council of Nurses, the WHO and the European Federation of Nurses Associations. College of Nursing Jesenice wishes to contribute significantly to the appropriate placing of nursing within the health care system in general and to the implementation of appropriate, European comparable, staffing structures in nursing in health and social institutions, to the benefit of university educated nurses.

International scientific conferences are an opportunity for us to gather proof for accepting responsibility for the development of nursing on not just an individual level, but on the level of institutional health management, politicians, associations and chambers.

dr. Brigita Skela Savič, assistant professor
Dean of the College of Nursing Jesenice

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