Impressions of Erasmus+ exchange in Estonia

When we arrived to Tartu, our coordinator Danel Jantra welcomed us at the bus station and took us to the student dormitory where we stayed the first month. Tartu Health Care College also welcomed us very warmly and soon we had our first meeting with other nursing students who came to the exchange, too. We all had a tour of the college and agreed on how our practice will be organized. They gave us our schedules and names of the supervisors at school and in the hospital. In the first week of September they organized a project »International week«, where all Erasmus students also participated. The week was full of fun and socializing, our task was also to make a presentation of our country and faculty.

What followed next was out practice at the Labour and Gynecology Department. We saw many different operations and labours and worked with new-borns and their mothers. Next month we started our practice at the Children Surgery Department, where most of the time we just watched different procedures. We transported patients in and out of the operation room to the ward, dressed wounds, sometimes we just played with children. There we also had out very first night shift which lasted 12 hours and it was peaceful but interesting. Our last practice should be in a psychiatric hospital, but because of some complications they organized it differently. Our supervisor took us to different psychiatric wards where they explained how they do their work. We also got some links to web pages where psychiatric care in Estonia is described.

In our free time we explored Estonia and visited some other countries here on the north. The city of Tartu where we spend most of our time of the exchange, is known as a student city. Here also works an ESN (Erasmus Student Network) organization which organizes a lot of events which we also loved to participate. Our student exchange in Estonia was an amazing, unforgettable experience and we would recommend it to every student.

Tjaša Boštjančič and Darinka Kotnik