Annamiina Myllymäki and Anni Saarinen, JAMK University of Applied Sciences students, write their impressions on practice in Slovenia

The practice in Jesenice was good. I learned a lot and had a nice time with other nurses and students. I got to do various nursing interventions and at the end of the practice I got to do them more independently. Because of the language and busy days I didn't quite understand everything what was happening with the patients and why. Also some part of things like what all things a nurse should take into consideration when planning patient's nursing care left sometimes a little unclear but that is all understandable. Sometimes I tried to study some unclear things from our study material or internet and usually found some answers. On the last day they let me go to an operating room to see few surgeries. I think that was great and I understood a lot more about orthopedic patients and how they are treated after the operation and why. 

I tried to be active and self-initiative in the practice because I see that that is something the nurses expect from all students. All in all practice was good and I learned new things. Thank you for helping me to arrange a good practice place in Jesenice after the rough start!




Practice in Jesenice was fine. Nurses were all friendly. I had a nurse who took me with her to many things she was doing which was nice, since the clinical mentor was too busy. One thing that sort of troubled me was that they did not let me to do much. Mostly my days went by taking kids to/from surgeries and running labs. I get to do interventions such as measuring vital signs, preparing infusions and removing iv cannulas.

In Kranj the practice went on quite the same. Nurses were really nice, but there wasn't a lot for me to do. I measured the babies when they came to the clinic and observed vaccination and so on. What I liked about the place was that the nurses took the effort to really explain me what was going on, even though it was a bit slow at times. So the time did not go to waste, although it was pretty quiet in there. 


Anni Saarinen