Returning from Erasmus+ exchange in Estonia


Our Erasmus exchange in Estonia came to an end and we came back to Slovenia. With us we brought many interesting memories. We met a lot of students from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Czech republic, Poland and some others. There were so many new experiences on our clinical practice in the hospital Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum SA Sisekliinik, too. On the Labour Department we had a chance to see a baby born with encephalopaty who, sadly, died 1 hour after birth. We were a part of many successful natural births, C-sections and also a birth of twins. We observed different gynecology operations, for example sterilization of a woman, removal of a cancerous tissue and abortion. At the Children's Department we helped to transport patients from and to the operation room, dressed wounds and observed different medical procedures. We weren't allowed to write the patient documentation, because it was in Estonian. But we did find out, that it's quite similar as in Slovenia, they write it on paper and also probably even more extensively on the computer. Our collaboration with clinical mentors was very good, as they were motivated to teach and accessible to us. One of the mentors didn't speak English, so she explained everything very slowly in Russian, and even like this, communication was quite successful. Clinical practice at the Psychiatric Hospital was a bit different that usual. The nurses presented us the system of psychiatric care of patients in Estonia and described the work they do at the Department of Anorexia and Bulimia, and also at the Department for Children and Adolescents.

The schedule was always very flexible, so we organized different trips around Estonia (island Saarema, Tallin, Narva, Nature parks) and the capitals of the neighbouring countries (Latvia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia – St. Petersburg) with other students, too. We were surprised how cheap is the public transport.

Erasmus Co-ordinator Danel Jantra and other staff at the Tartu Health Care College (Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool) cared about our well being and always helped us when we asked, so they made sure our student exchange was truly unforgettable. All of our new friendships, countries we visited and many adventures will be warming our hearts far in the future.

Head aega,


Tjaša and Darinka