Ingel Ilves, Estonian nurse graduate, about her so far placement

"I am glad and satisfied for the opportunity to work two months in Psychiatric Hospital of Begunje. I was warmly welcomed by the staff and always helped when I needed it. Although in the beginning of the practice I was insecure especially because of the language barrier. I could not even ask patients if the water was too cold or hot. Therefore I was worried how can I provide essential nursing care for them. But thanks to helpful colleagues and patients the communication got better in time. And actually it was fun when wrongly pronounced Slovenian word made a patient laugh. 

Since I mostly worked with elderly who suffer from dementia, I think it was good for them to recall some German or English words or even learn some new ones. Also learning something new about another culture was useful for them. They showed interest in me, wanted to know about my home country, how is life there, whether there are similarities or differences with Slovenia etc. Therefore I had a chance to make a presentation about Estonia for them and later check if they remember some basic facts. 

I found it to be true what people say about the hospital – ,,SPA of Gorenjska.’’ The location of the hospital is remarkable when considering nature around it and the building itself as well. I enjoyed taking strolls in the park with patients and just change smiles with each other. Through my eyes, patients are treated and taken care of well and I also liked to be part of some occupational therapy.

I definitely have gained good memories and experience with this practice. I encourage other students to take part in an exchange program and explore. New and unknown might look frightful, but the biggest enemy of being successful is fear of failure."

Ingel Ilves