Student Urša Matoh returned from Erasmus+ exchange in Malta

FHCJ student, Urša Matoh, has came back from Erasmus+ exchange at University of Malta, Msida, Faculty of Health Sciences:
Three months of clinical placement, sightseeing, having fun and meeting new people from all over the world are already over. Before leaving I had fear and a lot of doubts about my new challenge. Now, after my exchange I am coming back richer for another wonderful and memorable experience. Malta seemed to be an ideal opportunity to get to know a new culture and their way of working in a clinical setting. This small island offers you a good way of living and has much warmer climate. They have two main languages, Maltese and English. During my exchange I was staying in a student campus University Residence, where were also a lot of other Erasmus students. Despite my absence at the beginning I quickly found company and gain new friendships. 
My first practice was at delivery suite department, where I watched and witnessed various deliveries. A great pleasure for me was to be accompanied in the entire delivery course, seeing the fear and expectations of parents and their indescribable happiness. All staff at the department were very helpful. They acquainted me with each patient and gave me a lot of new knowledge. I watched caesarean sections, neonatal care after birth and spent one week among mothers and babies on the ward. The workflow is in some things quite different from ours. The fact that a healthy newborn baby needs to stay in the hospital for observation only 48 hours was very interesting for me. As well they are not familiar with handling. Mothers is also obliged to take care of all clothes and other accessories that they will need for the newborn in the hospital. 

The fallowing practice was on the pediatric emergency department, where were children with various injuries, fever, headache, breathing difficulties and other diseases. The hospital visit was based on a medical examination, which was followed by the nurse intervention. I had an opportunity to see many different suspected cases and confirmed diagnosis. 
My last placement was held in Birkirkara Health Center in community care area. Team spirit here reached the top, because I contributed a lot for better work. I have gained a lot of practice on taking blood samples and doing wound dressings.

In general, people are very friendly, with open hands and always willing to offer you some help. It is interesting that there is not a lot of unemployed and that anyone can easily find a job. They are considered to be christians. On this small area is located 365 churches. It seems that traffic rules here doesn´t exist. I noticed just a few pedestrian crossings and road markings. People like to use public transport. Doing any recreational activity in not very popular. They are saddled with high increase of obese individuals, which I noticed during my placement.
After my clinical practice, getting new experience and new knowledge I had some time for exploring Malta. The exchange was definitely an amazing experience which I will remain for a lifetime.

Thank you!"