Two students from Alicante at ABFHC

Two students, Paula and Albert, came to Slovenia On Thursday 21st of February. Students are studying nursing at University of Alicante in Spain, and they will be from February to May doing their clinical training at FZAB. First, both students will practice in the Clinic Golnik - Paula at the Internistics Department and Albert in the Emergency Department. After completing the training at the above departments, both will go to the Health centre Kranj - Paula to the Emergency Department, and Albert to family nursing department. Paula will remain in Kranj and she will work in the family nursing department, Albert will go to Ljubljana to the Institute of Oncology. Both will finish their education at the University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana. Within the framework of Erasmus +, the students will be in Slovenia by 26th of May. From the very beginning, our current and former students - Ajda Cvelbar, Aljaž Kern and Tjaša Maček - are taking care of them.