Two students from Spain will be in Slovenia for 3 months

In January, two nursing students from Spain - Lidia Erades Cerdan and Teresa Vidal Vilaplana - came to ABFHC. Teresa and Lidia come from the University of Alicante from Spain.


They will be having clinical training in Slovenia for three months, in the field of nursing care for women and obstetricians with gynaecology and obstetrics, emergency nursing and acute nursing. They will They will start their clinical practice in BGP Kranj, then continue at the Golnik Clinic and finally at the Institute of Oncology. Lidia Erades Cerdan will stay in Slovenia until April 20th, and Teresa Vidal Vilaplan until April 30th; then they will return return to Spain. Their student tutor is Timotej Fajfar.