16th international scientific conference: HealthComm - A new healthacare era and digital journey

On 8 June, 2023 in Bled,  Hotel Astoria

16th international scientific conference
titled as
HealthComm - A new digital era and digital journey,

was condudted.

The 16th international scientific conference emphasized the importance of integration and cooperation, mutual upgrading and adaptation to new digital and social reality in healthcare. Today we have a new era that requires optimal functioning of both spheres. Therefore, the core of the 16th ABFHC international scientific conference was to find steps that offer effective ways of dealing with modern challenges, effective preventive ways, and strategies and tools for even more effective development of healthcare professions.

The purpose was to present the digital and psycho-social context of everyday life and work in the field of health care: presentation of good practices in the context of the digital field, presentation of prevention and management activities in the field of chronic diseases and mental health, and presentation of content and knowledge necessary for successful healthcare.

The aim was to contribute to creation of healthcare workforce who will be able to address modern and future challenges. The scientific conference was also part  of HealthComm Simulator project.

MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT: https://www.healthcommsimulator.com/si/


Opportunities of digital health ecosystem - Virtual care: Telehealth transformation
Use of digital innovations in healthcare
How to manage network and developed healthcare–prevention of health problems?
Out-of-hospital care and in-home treatment
Connecting healthcare: Encouraging healthy lifestyle 
Chronic diseases and the protection opportunities 
Enhance chronic diseases care access with digital solutions
Innovation and development of mental health 
Enhance mental health care access with digital solutions
Development of Health care proffessionals' soft skills
Developing health care proffesionals' IT skills 


Sanela Pivač, PhD, Assistant Professor